Free lost key return service

Grab the number from your fob and register it here. We'll contact you if your keys are found and get them back to you. It's free! If you don't have a fob, contact us to have one sent to you (also free!)

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Type the Registered number from your key fob in here. We'll check it for you and let you know if you've made a mistake.

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Please fill in the registration number of your car. We'll use it to remind you when your MoT is due.

There's no ongoing cost to this service, as long as you never lose your keys. If you do lose them, we'll ask you to pay the £20 reward to the finder. Most car keys cost upwards of £300 to replace. By clicking Submit, you give us permission to retain the data for the purposes we have described on this page until you ask us not to.